Recycled/Reclaimed/Salvaged Wood

Many of the wood flooring products offered by Galleher are from recycled, reclaimed or salvaged sources.

Recycled-Content Wood: Most recycled-content wood incorporates by-products of another manufacturing processes (such as sawdust) and is called “pre-consumer” or “post-industrial” content. Pre-consumer recycled content is considered less desirable by recycling professionals than so-called “post-consumer” recycled content: that is, content derived from waste paper, glass, aluminum, plastic etc. which are recycled into new products.

Reclaimed and Salvaged Wood: These terms are often used interchangeably. If there’s a distinction between them, it’s that “reclaimed” wood more often refers to already-manufactured wood products that are remanufactured into new ones — examples include timbers from the deconstruction of old buildings that are remilled, and more unusual sources such as old crates and pallets. “Salvaged” wood more often refers to the straight reuse of wood products (salvaged doors) or logs that can be salvaged from a variety of sources:  street trees, river and lake bottoms, orchards, and even forests (diseased and dead wood or small diameter trees that are thinned out as part of fire prevention measures).