Floor Talk With Wayne Highlander


My first blog!

Hi. I am Wayne Highlander, a new Galleher Sales Representative working out of Northern California. Like many people in this trade, I am a second-generation floorman. My uncle Stan was a floorman for 50 years, my two brothers have been in the trade over 25 years each and another cousin for about the same. Depending on whose side of the story you believe, when my uncle hired me I was either cheap labor or he was teaching me a trade and “I should damn well appreciate it!” A few years later I hired my brothers and depending on who you believe, they were either cheap labor or I was teaching them a trade and…. The truth is, I was lucky to be able to work with them for so long and I am proud of the work they continue to do.

I see a lot of families working together. It makes me smile when I see fathers and sons, brothers and cousins, and even fathers and daughters. I think nothing says I love you like carrying someone’s sander out to the van for them!

As I have come to know Galleher over the last few years, I have realized Galleher is a family business too. It is the oldest floor covering distributor in Southern California, dating back to 1937. Jeff and Todd Hamar grew up in the flooring business too. When I was hired, they made it clear that the company still follows family values. “Trust, honesty and doing the right thing for the customer.” I look forward to working for Galleher and our valued customers.

If you have technical questions or concerns, please contact me at whighlander@galleher.com or 510.846.8825.

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