Floor Talk With Wayne Highlander

The Importance of Communication

It’s amazing how critical of a role communication is to our livelihood, both written and verbal. We have all known excellent craftsmen who struggle to get work due to poor communication skills. Conversely, we have all seen someone with a great gift of words whose talent level doesn’t match his verbal skills. Important communication is key, and it’s all about how you come across on that initial meeting with a new homeowner. Here are just a few communication tips I have learned along the way:

  • Listening is key. Be sure to listen to all of the customer’s concerns and wishes. Talk about their expectations and lay everything out on the table before entering into an agreement.
  • Have a good contract. I got mine from the N.W.F.A. and altered it slightly to suit me. A written, signed document outlining the work to be done, products to be used, and the payment terms will put both you and your customer at ease and ensure you are on the same page within the agreement.
  • A great portfolio sells jobs. Let your past work speak for you. A high-quality presentation of your past works, with prints or a digital representation, can speak volumes to your credibility.
  • Set up an agreement with your employees. It can sometimes be frightening what employees say to customers, so arm your employees with proper responses to potential questions or problems. Keep an open communication with all your employees.