Floor Talk With Wayne Highlander

Why You Should Consider LVT

Part of the reason why you should be pushing for LVT is the fact that it’s extremely profitable to install. A three-hundred square foot job can be laid down in a day, and a five-hundred foot job can be done with a helper. LVT is definitely installer friendly. With the addition of pressure sensitive adhesive, as well as the new “peel-n-stick” technology, it’s become a breeze to lie down. In fact, you don’t even have to remove the baseboard if you don’t want to. Just butt right up to it and it will go down fast and clean up quick. There is also no need for T-Moldings in doorways or long expanses. Many of the disciplines we use for installing hardwood floors can be used when putting it in homes. As a tip, just be sure to complete the subfloor prep before installing and you’ll avoid problems.

Luxury Vinyl Tile today has almost nothing in common with the vinyl tile of years ago. The quality, look, and feel have improved tenfold. LVT used to lack design. Now, designs and textures are incredibly detailed. From stone to distressed flooring and even leather, the options are limitless and incredibly realistic. LVT is green and can be recycled, which makes it a great fit for commercial settings and Lead Certified buildings. Additionally, more and more designers are selecting Luxury Vinyl Tile for home solutions. It works great in place of laminate or wood inside of kitchens, outdoor patios, bathrooms, and really anywhere in the home.

It is extremely resilient and can be installed in high traffic areas. It’s comfortable to walk on and homeowners love how easy it is to maintain. Reward Access XL comes with a 20 year residential and 10 year commercial warranty. Galleher stands behind this product.